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Cisco Meraki Systems Manager
Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Management


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Cisco Meraki Products
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device Licenses
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License, 1 Year
List Price: $40.14
Our Price: $26.77
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License, 3 Year
List Price: $80.28
Our Price: $53.55
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License, 5 Year
List Price: $120.42
Our Price: $80.32

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Meraki Systems Manager provides cloud-based over-the-air centralized management, diagnostics, monitoring, and security of the mobile devices managed by your organization. Manage distributed deployments of all of your devices with Systems Manager — without an on-site appliance. Managed devices connect securely to Meraki's cloud, enabling you to locate devices, deploy software and apps, deliver content, enforce security policies, and monitor all your devices through an intuitive and powerful web-based dashboard.

Centralized Cloud Management

Seamlessly manage and control thousands of iOS and Android devices, Macs, and PCs via Meraki's secure, browser-based dashboard. After enrollment into Systems Manager, managed devices automatically pull security policies and settings from the cloud. Systems Manager works on any network — even if the devices you are managing are on the road, at a café, or used at home. New features, updates, and enhancements are delivered effortlessly to the dashboard from the cloud.

Meraki's cloud architecture provides the industry's only end-to-end solution which unifies WAN, LAN, wireless LAN, and mobile devices management under a single dashboard. Gain complete visibility and control from the top of the network to the edge using MX Security Appliances, MS Switches, and MR Wireless LAN, to the client devices on the network with Systems Manager. The intuitiveness of the dashboard enables IT professionals to configure and deploy in just minutes, without specialized training or dedicated staff.



Pre-enroll devices or dynamically add users as they join your network. Deploy wireless and VPN connectivity settings, push apps and content, or restrict usage—based on user groups.



Locate and track laptops and mobile devices anywhere in the world. Get real time visibility on device health, security posture, and software and hardware inventory for your entire fleet of devices.



Ensure security for your organization from devices all the way through to network policies. Protect devices and their data with encryption enforcement, enterprise remote wipe, and integrated network access control.

Network, Meet Device

Every user is unique. Every device, a bit different. Systems Manager keeps the network in the loop about constantly changing devices, automatically tracking device posture and adjusting security policies to match.

Seamless User Enrollment

Seamless User Enrollment

Gone are the days of manual user-to-device assignment. Tie people to their devices by integrating enrollment with Active Directory. Scale your deployment to thousands and eliminate unknown devices in your environment.

Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Customize policies for each user group in your organization. Require a passcode on devices before pushing Exchange settings, limit jailbroken devices to the guest network, or revoke privileges if devices violate security policies.

Automated Device Provisioning

Automated Device Provisioning

Devices are provisioned based on group enrollment, security compliance, and geofence location. Automatically deliver apps, network, and security settings specific to each user.

Contain Your Data

Separate enterprise data from personal data
Don’t mess with complicated SDKs or modifying application source code. Systems Manager Enterprise provides secure containerization using native OS tools, allowing secure data sharing among apps without complexity. Whitelist secure applications and blacklist unsupported ones to ensure only approved apps are used, and enable VPN on a per-app basis.

Systems Manager Enterprise
Ideal for customers with mission critical, dynamic device management, and enterprise security requirements.
  • Asset monitoring and location tracking
  • Software and application management
  • Content management
  • Device usage restrictions
  • Live troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Network configuration settings
  • Erase or selective wipe
  • Enterprise wipe & profile removal
  • Active Directory enrollment integration
  • Dynamic security profiling
  • Android Samsung Knox
  • Open-in containerization
  • Customer Certificate Authority upload
  • Network group policy integration
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) integration
  • 24/7 support


Systems Manager offers a complete robust feature set supporting the needs of MDM customers as well as business critical requirements for enterprise environments.

Centralized Cloud Management
Centralized Cloud Management

The Meraki dashboard enables secure monitoring and management of all of your mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

Network Settings Deployment
Network Settings Deployment

Define and deploy network settings such as wireless connectivity, security, and remote VPN access to all your managed devices at once.

Device Location
Device Location

Find lost or stolen devices with integrated real-time location data via GPS, WiFi, or IP address. Define geofence areas and automatically apply or remove settings based on location.

App Deployment
App Deployment

Easy deployment and maintenance of free, paid, or Enterprise mobile apps. For Macs and PCs, deploy MSI and PKG files right from the dashboard.

Remote Troubleshooting
Remote Troubleshooting

Automatically monitor devices 24×7 via the cloud. Start remote desktop, take a screenshot, and reboot or shutdown Macs and PCs.

Device & Data Restrictions
Device & Data Restrictions

Protect devices and their data, control their usage with fine-grained policies, and restrict access to features such as the app store, gaming, and content.

Rapid Provisioning
Rapid Provisioning

Download the app from the Apple or Google App Stores to enroll a device, or streamline adoption by using Systems Manager Sentry to ensure mobile devices are enrolled in MDM before joining your wireless network.

Network Integration
Network Integration

Tie Systems Manager polices to your wireless, switch, and security appliance networks. Use Systems Manager certificates to securely connect users to WiFi.


Unified Multi-Platform Device Management

Systems Manager provides a unified view and management of all your devices. Systems Manager supports a variety of platforms:

  • Apple iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Apple TV (iOS 5 or higher)
  • Android (2.2 or higher), including Amazon's Kindle Fire
  • Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10)
  • Windows Pro 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP (Service Pack 3 or higher), Server 2008, R2, 2012
  • Windows Phone 8.1

Visibility Into Managed Devices

Visibility Into Managed Devices

Rapid Deployment and Scalability

Meraki's cloud management platform enables mobile device initiatives to quickly scale to deployments of massive scale. Systems Manager manages iOS and Android devices by applying profiles. Enroll via a web-based self-enrollment process directly on the mobile device, by installing a downloadable app from an app store, facilitating 1-to-1 projects and BYOD initiatives. Systems Manager also integrates with Apple Configurator and iPhone Configuration Utility.

For Macs and Windows devices, Systems Manager is deployed on individual machines via a lightweight installer. Deploy over the network using Active Directory's GPO to rapidly enroll all the devices in your Windows domain networks.

Once enrolled, each device downloads its configuration via Meraki's cloud, applying device restrictions, network and security policies automatically — eliminating manual device provisioning.

Cloud Managed Architecture

Cisco Meraki Cloud Management Architecture

Systems Manager Sentry Dynamic Enrollment

Systems Manager Sentry Dynamic Enrollment
Integration with Meraki access points (MR series) enables network administrators to only allow devices managed with Systems Manager to access the network. Without Systems Manager, unmanaged devices are first sent to a splash page to install Systems Manager before gaining access to the wireless network, and VPN.

Administration and Management

Systems Manager is designed to help you keep your managed devices abreast with the latest user demands and organization requirements, while lowering the burden on the IT team. Deploy policies and changes, seamlessly from the cloud, across thousands of devices at once.

Deploy Software
Systems Manager lets you install software to any number of PCs and Macs in your network. Upload MSI files for PCs or PKG files for Macs, select the machines, and fire off the installer. If a PC or Mac is unavailable, the software will be installed the next time it comes online.

Deploy Apps
For iOS devices, Systems Manager is integrated with the Apple App Store and Apple's Volume Purchase Program. Google Play and the Amazon Appstore are supported on Android devices. Additionally Enteriprise Apps are supported on both iOS and Android. Whether you're providing apps to ten users or thousands, Systems Manager makes it easy to distribute apps to any number of devices.

Exchange Active Sync
Enable provisioning of email accounts and mail settings including encryption and stored mail history duration on enrolled Apple iOS devices.

Enforce Restrictions
Enforce device restrictions to control usage of mobile devices. Disable FaceTime, the App Store, and control gaming and media content consumption by content rating. Restrict access to iCloud services to disallow backup of sensitive information to Apple's infrastructure.

App Store Integration

App Store Integration

Network Integration


Systems Manager bridges the gap between mobility management and your network. Systems Manager continuously keeps track of device posture and dynamically adjusts policies to match.

Security Compliance
Protect mobile devices and their data with customizable security policies. Deploy fine-grained policies to check whether devices are encrypted, locked, jailbroken, and more before dynamically assigning device settings, apps, and content. Require a passcode on devices before pushing Exchange settings, limit jailbroken devices to the guest network, or revoke privileges if devices violate security policies.

Automated Device Provisioning
Devices are provisioned based on group enrollment, security compliance, and geofence location. Automatically deliver apps, network, and security settings specific to each user.

Visibility, Diagnostics, and Control

Systems Manager starts to monitor your managed devices as soon as they enroll into your network. Policies continue to be applied to devices anywhere in the world, even if they lose internet connectivity. Live diagnostics tools help with troubleshooting and daily administration tasks. Use Systems Manager's visibility of devices, users, software and applications on your network to provide end to end security and management right from the dashboard.

Asset Management
Systems Manager gathers available information from the device's WiFi connection, IP address, and GPS to provide a device's physical location, down to street-level accuracy. Privacy controls are available to turn off location reporting of sensitive devices. Systems Manager provides built-in software inventory management, simplifying software license management, even in multiplatform environments. See all software installed on managed computers and apps installed on mobile devices.

Alternatively, type the name of a particular application in a Google-like search bar to search through a comprehensive list of installed software across managed devices. Easily identify devices running outdated software, track down compliance or licensing issues, or uninstall unauthorized software right from the dashboard.

Manage hardware inventory using Systems Manager's built-in cataloging of machines by CPU type and speed, system model, or operating system build. Systems Manager also tracks wireless adapter details, including make, model and driver version, helping track down connectivity issues.

Live Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
Systems Manager provides a suite of real-time diagnostic tools. Initiate remote desktop, take a screenshot, see the current process list, and remotely reboot or shutdown Macs and PCs. In the case of remote desktop access, Systems Manager automatically configures a VNC server and establishes a secure end-to-end tunnel back to the dashboard. This enables complete remote systems management, even in complex network environments with multiple firewalls or NAT gateways.

Manage daily requests for iOS and Android devices, like remotely clearing the device's passcode, locking the device, and even erasing all the data on a device in the event that the device is compromised. Monitor device statistics like battery charge and device memory usage instantaneously from the dashboard.

Email Notification Alerts
Configure fine grained alert policies to send email notifications to monitor your devices. Be notified when unauthorized software is installed on a managed device, when specified devices (like critical servers) go offline, and when the Systems Manager agent or profile is removed from a managed device.

Enterprise and Selective Wipe
Provides a mechanism to prevent enterprise data from getting into the wrong hands. Systems Manager's selective wipe feature removes all configuration profiles and apps that have been previously pushed to the devices via MDM, while keeping the device enrolled for the purposes of tracking. Enterprise wipe removes everything including the management profile to completely remove the device from Systems Manager.

Software Inventory

Software Inventory
Email Alerts
Email Alerts

Remote Live Tools
Remote Live Tools


Supported Platforms
  • Apple iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV (iOS 5 or higher)
  • Android (2.2 or higher)
  • Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10)
  • Windows Phone 8.1 (Enterprise only), Windows Pro 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (Service Pack 3 or higher), Microsoft Server 2008, R2, 2012


  • Managed via the web using Meraki's secure browser based dashboard
  • Centralized administration of managed devices
  • Organization level two-factor authentication
  • Role-based administration
  • Inventory data export to CSV
  • Remote command line
  • Administrative event log and activity log
  • Automatic alerts for installed software, geofencing, enrollment, and dynamic security reporting
  • Copy profiles across different networks
  • Enterprise wipe and dissolving management profiles (Enterprise only)


  • Device location using device WiFi, IP address, and GPS data
  • Containerization, separation of Managed and unmanaged data (via Open-in with iOS)
  • Unenrollment monitoring and notification
  • Antivirus, antispyware, firewall, disk encryption, passcode and password, screenlock timeout , and jailbreak and root detection
  • Restrict access to iCloud (iOS)
  • Restrict users to accept untrusted TLS certificates (iOS)
  • Force encrypted backup (iOS) and encrypted storage (Android)
  • Global HTTP Proxy (iOS)
  • Enforce passcode policies and failed entry device wipe policy (iOS and Android)
  • Scan client device for Systems Manager before allowing network access (NAC)* (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac)
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
  • Customer Certificate Signing for certificate provisioning (Enterprise only)
  • Access rights to limit Dashboard control (e.g. cannot erase BYOD devices iOS and Mac) (Enterprise only)
  • Dynamic profile management - Security compliance, Geofence management, Time based (Enterprise only)
  • Cisco ISE MDM API Integration (Enterprise only)

Software and App Management

  • Inventory of installed software and apps
  • Custom deployment of software and App Store apps
  • Integration with Apple App Store and Apple's Volume Purchase Program
  • Software installation via .msi and .pkg (Windows and Mac)
  • Software uninstallation (Windows and Mac)
  • Custom uninstallation of iOS and Android apps
  • Restrict app installation
  • Restrict in-app purchase
  • Unauthorized software and app installation monitoring and notification
  • Install Enterprise Apps

Content Management

  • Custom deployment of files, documents, apps (iOS and Android)
  • Update and deploy the latest version to devices (iOS and Android)
  • Managed and distribute app licenses (iOS with VPP)
  • Deploy iBook licenses

Device Restrictions

  • Restrict use of camera (iOS and Android)
  • FaceTime, Siri, iTunes Store, multiplayer gaming (iOS)
  • Restrict content consumption (YouTube, explicit music & podcasts, content rated movies, TV shows, and apps) (iOS)
  • Force encrypted backup (iOS) and encrypted storage (Android)
  • Enforce passcode policies and failed entry device wipe policy (iOS and Android)
  • Single App mode (iOS and Android – Samsung KNOX)
  • Autonomous Single App mode (iOS) (Enterprise only)
  • Automatic and whitelisted content filter (iOS)
  • Restrict use of AirDrop (iOS)
  • Restrict changes to cellular data usage for apps ( iOS)
  • Toggle Voice and Data Roaming Settings (iOS)
  • Restrict which Airplay devices are listed (iOS)
Troubleshooting and Live Controls
  • Remote device lock, unlock, and wipe (iOS and Android)
  • Remote reboot and shutdown (Windows and Mac)
  • Remote desktop and screenshot (Windows and Mac)
  • Access device process list (Windows and Mac)
  • Send instant notification to device (Windows and Mac)
  • Monitor active TCP connections, TCP stats, and routing table (Windows and Mac)
  • Selective Wipe (iOS , Mac, and Android)
  • Toggle voice and data roaming (iOS)
  • Initiate Airplay remotely (iOS)

Network Configuration Deployment

  • Deploy WiFi settings including WPA2-PSK & WPA2-Enterprise (iOS and Mac)
  • Deploy VPN configuration and authentication settings (iOS and Mac)
  • Deploy server side digital certificates (iOS)
  • Scan client device for Systems Manager before allowing network access (NAC)* (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac) Systems Manager Sentry (iOS, Android, Mac OS X)
  • Automatic Wi-Fi EAP-TLS certificate based authentication to Meraki wireless (iOS, Android, and Mac)
  • Deploy Airplay destinations and passwords
  • Group Policy Integration into the Cisco Meraki Hardware stack (Enterprise only)
  • Cisco ISE MDM API Integration (Enterprise only)

Device Enrollment

  • App enrollment (iOS and Android)
  • Auto enrollment through DEP (iOS 7+ and Mac OS X 10.10)
  • Streamlined device enrollment through SM-Sentry (requires MR access point and is available for iOS, Android, and Mac)
  • On-device enrollment (iOS and Android)
  • Integration with Apple Configurator & Apple iPhone Configuration Utility (iOS)
  • SMS or email enrollment invitation (iOS and Android)
  • Manual installer deployment (Windows and Mac)
  • Integration with Active Directory's GPO (Windows)
  • Quarantine devices upon enrollment (iOS, Mac, and Android)


  • Hardware vitals and specs reporting
  • Network access, connectivity, signal strength monitoring
  • Restriction compliance monitoring
  • Device location with device WiFi connection, IP address, and GPS data
  • Battery, storage, RAM and CPU usage, outage monitoring
  • Network location override

Automatic Provisioning (Enterprise only)

  • Group Policy integration into the Cisco Meraki Hardware stack
  • Active Directory and LDAP integration at time of enrollment
  • Automatically apply tags and device owners based on Active Directory and LDAP groups
  • Automatically distribute and revoke App licenses with VPP

Email Settings

  • Exchange Active Sync email account provisioning (iOS)
  • Assign owners to devices


Download the Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Cisco Meraki Products
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device Licenses
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License, 1 Year
List Price: $40.14
Our Price: $26.77
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License, 3 Year
List Price: $80.28
Our Price: $53.55
Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License, 5 Year
List Price: $120.42
Our Price: $80.32
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