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Cisco Meraki MS220-8P
Cloud Managed Switching for the Small Branch

Sorry, this product is no longer available, and is replaced by the new Cisco Meraki MS120-8FP or please contact us for a replacement.

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The Cisco Meraki MS line of cloud-managed access switches bring the benefits of cloud computing, including management simplicity, reduced complexity, and lower cost, to branch and campus networks.

A Fresh Approach

Cisco Meraki switches are built from the ground up to be easy to manage without compromising any of the power and flexibility traditionally found in enterprise-class switches.

For example, Cisco Meraki switches are managed through an elegant, efficient cloud interface, rather than a cryptic command line. To bring up a Cisco Meraki switch, just plug it in; there's no need for complicated configuration files.

In addition, Cisco Meraki's centralized management system gives administrators deep visibility into the network. See which switches are near capacity across hundreds of sites. Find all configuration changes made by a certain person with instant search. Locate a switch on a floor plan with one click.

MS220-8P Highlights

  • All models: 8 port gigabit Ethernet
  • All models: 2 × SFP for 1G uplink, non-shared
  • MS220-8P includes 124 W PoE / PoE+

Hardware platform

  • Voice and Video QoS
  • Low noise, fanless
  • Non-blocking switch fabric
  • Ultra-reliable, includes lifetime warranty

Power over Ethernet (MS220-8P)

  • 802.3af (PoE) 15.4 W per port
  • 802.3at (PoE+) 25.5 W per port
  • Maximum PoE output: 124 W
  • PoE available simultaneously on all ports
  • Intelligent PoE power allocation based on device advertisement (LLDP)
Cloud management
  • Visibility and control over thousands of ports
  • Built-in multi site management
  • Zero touch provisioning

Monitoring and diagnostics

  • Cable failure testing
  • Gateway connectivity testing
  • Real time troubleshooting tools
  • Email and text message alerts

Cloud Managed NetworkingBuilt-In Multi-Site Cloud Management

The Cisco Meraki MS is the industry’s first cloud managed switch, combining the benefits of cloud based centralized management with a powerful, reliable access platform. Cloud management has a number of benefits that make it easier to build networks large and small:

  • Single pane of glass management of distributed switch deployments, wireless APs, and firewalls across multiple sites through the browser.
  • Virtual stacking: manage up to tens of thousands of ports from a single pane of glass.
  • Layer 7 OS, client, and hostname fingerprinting.
  • Powerful Live Tools such as cable test to isolate physical layer issues.
  • E-mail and SMS (text) alerts upon power loss, downtime, or configuration changes.
  • Role-based administration and automatic, scheduled firmware upgrades over the web.
  • Regular feature updates and enhancements delivered on demand from the Meraki cloud.
  • No staging deployments

With cloud management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly, over the web. Provision remote sites without on-site IT, deploy network-wide configuration changes, and easily manage campus and distributed networks without training or dedicated staff.

Converged Voice, Video and Data Environments

The Cisco Meraki switch family is designed to unify data, voice, and video onto a single IP backbone. All Cisco Meraki switches support rich quality-of-service (QoS) functionality for prioritizing data, voice, and video traffic. The switches support eight class-of-service (CoS) queues on every port, enabling them to maintain end-to-end traffic prioritization.

Pricing Notes:

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Cisco Meraki Licenses and Support
EOS Meraki MS220-8P Enterprise License and Support, 1YR
List Price: $82.29
Our Price: $47.92
EOS Meraki MS220-8P Enterprise License and Support, 3YR
List Price: $185.65
Our Price: $108.12
EOS Meraki MS220-8P Enterprise License and Support, 5YR
List Price: $309.08
Our Price: $180.01
EOS Meraki MS220-8P Enterprise License and Support, 7YR
List Price: $432.51
Our Price: $280.96
EOS Meraki MS220-8P Enterprise License and Support, 10YR
List Price: $617.15
Our Price: $400.90
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