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Meraki Ed Vantage Program
Best-in-Class Pricing for School Solutions

Cisco Meraki Ed Vantage Solutions

Today, schools are facing more challenges than ever before. As facilities shift from traditional face-to-face to hybrid learning models, IT departments are feeling the pressure to fast-track digital transformation and implement agile technology solutions.

In January, we introduced a set of discounts specifically designed for K-12 and library customers. We’re excited to announce that we’re extending the Meraki Ed-Vantage program until January 23, 2021.

Meraki Students


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Why Cloud Networking and the Meraki Dashboard

Cloud networking helps IT departments ensure greater reliability, easier day-to-day management, and lower running costs. The Meraki dashboard gives administrators unparalleled visibility into network users, devices, and applications. Administrators can view in depth analytics at the tip of their fingers. They can also quickly create access control and application usage policies to enhance both the end-user experience and network security.

Meraki Networking

Cisco Meraki Education Products

Cloud Managed Switches

Cloud Managed Switches

Performance and Network Visibility

Wireless WAN

Wireless WAN

Cloud Managed Cellular

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