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Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Teleworker Gateway

Standardize remote work.

A template for flawless office-like connectivity and security.

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Cisco Meraki Teleworker Gateway

The home-office experience never looked this cool.

Remote work is an office perk with the stylish and desirable hardware design of enterprise-grade security and Wi-Fi 6, without the incessant multifactor authentications,. plus, setup that’s easier than consumer-grade routers.

Always connected, secure, and productive.

Provide security, convenience, and optimized access to what teleworkers need to thrive.


An office-like experience at home with Wi-Fi 6 that’s always connected.


Built-in on-premises security to protect internet and hybrid cloud traffic.


Insight into how apps are performing for remote workers with powerful end-to-end analytics.

Move beyond makeshift remote work.

Use a cloud-first platform to create the most scalable and operationally efficient, long-term remote work strategy.

  • Consolidate management of remote workers on the same platform as corporate Wi-Fi, switching, security, SD-WAN, and IoT
  • Onboard new employees in minutes
  • Use configuration templates or APIs to easily manage updates at scale

Enterprise-grade security, first-grade usability.

Protect every remote user no matter what they are accessing, from anywhere.

  • Secure every remote worker accessing the internet directly with a firewall, Cisco Secure Endpoint, Secure Malware Analytics, and content filtering built-in.
  • Connect remote workers to data centers or multi-cloud IaaS resources with encrypted Auto VPN in three clicks.
  • Easily enable additional cloud hosted security capabilities with Cisco Umbrella at scale in a few minutes.

Smarter Visibility

Find problems and fix them, fast.

Deliver exceptional remote work experiences, with automated root-cause analysis and recommendations.

Cloud-managed image

Critical application performance at-a-glance to keep productivity running high.

Data-defined image

Monitor every remote worker connection and proactively fix issues impacting their experience.

Seamlessly connected image

Advanced machine learning optimizes performance and capacity by learning from every WAN and app connection.

Clouds, connected.

Multiple methods, multiple providers, and multiple regions—with one hybrid cloud.

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